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UPH’S International Law Moot Court Community (ILMCC) and the Faculty of Law Student Executive Board (HMFH) are proud to open our doors once again, to host the “14th High School Moot Court Competition”. We hope that through this competition, students will be challenged not only to understand the moot court system, contract law, and the subject matter of this year’s Case Problem, but also expand their worldviews, and plant skills that will enable them to understand and be active participants at changes that happen in the moment.

Event Details

Schedule Rundown

Day 1: 12 November

Technical Meeting

Distribution of booklets, event schedule, re-registration, and official rules of the competition. All participants must send their representatives to attend this event.

Day 2: 13 November

Preliminary and Quarter Final Round

The first Preliminary Rounds will begin in the morning. Each team must plead twice at this stage both as Claimant and Respondent. The qualified teams who have won twice during the preliminary rounds will proceed to Quarter Final Rounds and plead for one more time on the same day. The day will be closed by announcement of semifinalists and appreciation to judges and sponsors.

Day 3: 14 November

Semi Final and Final Round

The Semi Finalists will go against one another with roles determined by coin toss whether as defendant or prosecutor. The winning team from each competition will go against one another in the Final Round to determine the champion as well as the Runner Up. The day will be closed with the final announcement of the champion and other awards, distribution of participating certificates, and judges and sponsorship appreciation.

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