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UPH’S International Law Moot Court Community (ILMCC) and the Faculty of Law Student Executive Board (HMFH) are proud to open our doors once again, to host the “16th High School Negotiation Competition”. We hope that through this competition, students will be challenged not only to understand the moot court system, contract law, and the subject matter of this year’s Case Problem, but also expand their worldviews, and plant skills that will enable them to understand and be active participants at changes that happen in the moment.

Event Details

Schedule Rundown

Day 1: 26 Oktober

Distribution of e-booklets, activity schedules, re-registration sessions, and continued with the delivery of the rules and regulations of activities in the form of rules and norms that apply to participants and companions while in the Pelita Harapan University environment.

Opening Ceremony & Technical Meeting

Day 2: 27 October

Preliminary Round

Online Preliminary Round 
For each category, the activity will begin with a Preliminary Round in the form of oral pleading twice, namely as the first negotiating state and as the second negotiating state. The event will conclude with the announcement of the top 8 (English & Indonesian) and appreciation to the judges and sponsors.

Day 3: 28 November

Semi Final, Final Round, and Closing Ceremony

Semi Final Round and Final Round 
For each category, the event will start with a Quarter Final Round. After that, the best 4 (four) teams (English & Indonesian) (“Top 4”) will be announced to advance to the Semi Final Round. Then, the activity will be followed by the announcement of the best 2 (English & Indonesian) teams (“Top 2”) and continued with the Final Round. The activity will be closed with a series of closing events, namely the announcement of winners, and the awarding of prizes and certificates.

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