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High School Negotiation Competition

Welcome to UPH's High School Negotiation Competition (HSNC)

Step into a world of strategic brilliance where you call the shots. HSNC is your chance to navigate thrilling scenarios, craft persuasive arguments, and find win-win solutions. Join us in this dynamic journey of intellect and ambition!

In the era of globalization, the legal profession is one that is increasingly difficult to enter into. Nowadays, merely holding a degree in law is not a sufficient guarantee that one may be able to compete in the field, especially if one desires to practice in the international level. Thus, participating negotiation competition is one of an important and highly recommended courses to take. It helps the participants in the practical side of practicing law in accordance with international law issues.

Picking up from this view, it is favorable if the chance to join negotiation competition is opened for high school students as well. The opportunity will serve to kindle their interests in international law as well as a way to expose them to its practical side before entering into law school.


Therefore,in accordance with a long-term vision of producing excellent lawyers in all fields, the International Law Moot Court Community (“ILMCC”), a law student organization, together with Himpunan Mahasiswa Fakultas Hukum Universitas Pelita Harapan, took the initiative to hold “The High School Moot Court Competition"


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