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Jessup Moot

Team: Yudho Priambudi, Junianto James Losari, Pricilla Halim, Levin Romolo


  • Semifinalist [4th Ranked Team in the National Rounds]

  • Top 10 Best Speakers: Junianto James Losari & Pricilla Halim

Manfred Moot

Team: Wiku Anindito, Oskar Padang Aditya & Wahyuanda 


  • Final Frontier Award

  • 16th out of 44 teams

Asia Cup Moot

Team: Junianto James Losari, Priscilla Halim, Levin Romolo, & Sunny Sabaru


  • 6th Ranked Team In Japan

  • Third Best Memorial

  • High Achievement Award

  • 6th Best Speaker - Junianto James Losari

  • 9th Best Speaker - Pricilla Halim

2007: List
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