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Jessup Moot

Team: Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko, Jessica Vincentia Marpaung, Jonathan Jehuda Abuthan, Roselyn Winata, Selvana Stella


  • 1st Runner Up

  • 1st Best Oralist - Jessica Vincentia Marpaung

  • 2nd Best Oralist - Roselyn Winata

  • 3rd Best Oralist - Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko

  • 5th Best Oralist - Jonathan Jehuda Abuthan

WTO Moot

Team: Dinna Margaretha, First Deddy Ariyanto, Byong Hyon Kwon, Clarissa Cevanie Santoso


  • Best Respondent Written Submission

  • Spirit of ELSA Award

  • 8th place in Asia-Pacific

IHL Moot

Team: Natasha R. U. Situmeang, Rosalind Ratana, and Bernadeth Anashtasya

Achievements in National Round:

  • 1st Place Champion

  • 2nd Best Memorial

  • 2nd Best Oralist - Natasha R. U. Situmeang

  • 9th Best Oralist - Rosalind Ratana

Achievement in International Round:

  • 3rd Best Memorial for Prosecutor

2012: List
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