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Ensuring Child Rights:Indonesian Legal Measures Against Child Abuse

Written by : Andrean Van Jacky Antonius, Imelda Jo Anastasya, Sheren Christabella Nathanael, Pascal Joe Yap



Despite having a comprehensive legal framework to protect children from abuse, this paper argues that significant gaps and inconsistencies in enforcement still leave children vulnerable in Indonesia. By analysing the country’s adoption of international standards, their internalisation in domestic laws on children, the extent and scope of specific legal measures on child abuse, and a broad assessment of their effectiveness, this study reveals persistent challenges including inconsistent age-of-consent regulations. To effectively combat child abuse in Indonesia, we recommend strengthening interagency coordination, addressing legal loopholes, and investing in public awareness campaigns to ensure effective protection to safeguard the well-being of Indonesian children.

Keywords: human rights, child rights, child abuse

To read the full paper click here

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