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Introducing FDI and Moot to High School Students in 13 th HSMCC

By: Andrieta Rafaela Arifin

On the 15 th to 17 th of November 2019, UPH opened its doors to high school students from seven different schools for the 13 th High School Moot Court Competition (“HSMCC”). HSMCC is the first and only moot court competition in Indonesia created especially for high school-level participants with the aim of developing their interest to study law and introduce them to the world of mooting. This event is organized by UPH’s International Law Moot Court Community (ILMCC) in collaboration with the Law Student Association of the Faculty of Law.

“Moot court” itself is a mock court for law students to argue imaginary cases for practice.

Every year, HSMCC gives different fictional cases for its participants, who will then, as “legal counsels”, have to prepare both written and verbal arguments. This year, the case concerns business and foreign direct investment, specifically regarding protected investments and expropriation. 14 teams from seven schools sent their written memorials, and 13 participated in the oral rounds. The schools that partook were Francis School, Lentera Internasional, Morning Star Academy (MSA), Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village, SMA Al-Izhar, and Springfield School. Additionally, 34 individuals from various backgrounds—lawyers, arbitrators, diplomats, lecturers, and foreign counsels—participated in the event as judges, giving their assessments for the memorials and/or oral pleadings.

After all the rounds, awards were given out to participants. The finalists were both from MSA, Team 2 successfully emerging in first place (the BANI Award), while Team 5 secured

itself in the runner up position. The “best memorial award” (the HBT Award) was given to Team 10 from Lentera Internasional, while the “best oralist” title was awarded to Cloudio Ardelle Hitipeuw from MSA’s Team 5 (the OSP Award). Aside from those, there was also a special award called “the Spirit Award”, which is an appreciation award for outstanding performance and dedication. This was awarded to Francis School and Team 7 of Lentera Internasional.

"Organizing the 13th High School Moot Court Competition was a true learning experience. I am truly impressed with all the delegates and their exceptional performance in this event. On behalf of the committee, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our sponsors, judges, UPH's faculty of law, and all our amazing delegates—without whom this event would not have been possible," stated head of this year’s HSMCC and ILMCC, Laras Kusumo.

The 13 th HSMCC sponsors are Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (BANI), Oentoeng Suria & Partners, Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung, and Multipolar.

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