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UPH Faculty of Law’s Moot Court Team Achieved 2nd Best Respondent Written Submission in EMC2-Taipei

The latest of their achievements being the 2nd Best Respondent Written Submission at the 2013 EL.

UPH Moot Court Team (right) with the Jury and other team from India (left)

The team, which consisted of Livianca Sudjana (2011), Sofia Kartika Ayu (2011), and Christopher Pribadi (2011), once again gained fame at international level. The latest of their achievements being the 2nd Best Respondent Written Submission at the 2013 ELSA WTO Moot Court Competition in Taipei, Taiwan. This was to repeat their remarkable feat, having won there in 2011—not to mention an award for Honorable Mention for the Overall Written Submissions in 2009, and the privilege to become a host country for the ELSA Moot Court Competition of Asia Pacific Region back in 2012.

The competition that took place on April 4-8, 2013 was organized by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) in collaboration with Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA). The participants were made up of sixteen universities from five nations: PR of China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The judges ranged from academic professors and experts on trade across the Asia Pacific region to WTO Secretariat and Advisory Center on WTO Law (ACWL) representatives, who came directly from Geneva, Switzerland. The issue being raised on this occasion was the implementation International Trade Law in relation to a non-discrimination policy on trade in services and subsidy-related currency manipulation.

The UPH Moot Court Team: (left-right) Christopher Pribadi (2011), Livianca Sudjana (2011), dan Sofia Kartika Ayu (2011).

The aim of this competition is to encourage research in the field of International Trade Law and to help prepare the next generation of trade lawyers and negotiators. The list of panellists for the moot includes prestigious names such as Prof Luiz Olavo Baptista (WTO Appellate Body Member) and Ms. Kerry Allbeury (WTO Legal Affairs Division), to name a few.

The team has been consistently participating in various national and international competitions. As stated by Jerry Shalmont, the person in charge for coordination within the team, the aim was to hone the undergraduate students’ competence in law-related subjects in order to be able to compete globally. This became possible by pitting them against students of master’s programmes. Students are trained to delve deeply into any one of the specialized fields on Law subject by learning further about its theories and real-world practices.

Based on a fundamental principle of ‘Do your best and let God do the rest’, the UPH Faculty of Law marches on to local and international fame alike. (rh)

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