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Faculty of Law UPH Goes to International Moot Court

UPH Moot Court team won the first prize in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

(left-right) UPH Executive Vice Chancellor Gary A. Miller, UPH Rector Jonathan L. Parapak, Moot  Court Team (Dirga Putra K., Johan Kurnia, Mohammad Irham, Ruth Stephani Panjaitan), UPH President Sheldon Nord, Dean Faculty of Law Bintan Saragih.

UPH Moot Court team won the first prize in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which was held by Indonesian Society of International Law (ISIL) at Universitas Atmadjaya, Jakarta (24/1). Universitas Indonesia got the second place, and at the third place was Universitas Katholik Parahyangan, and at the fourth place was Universitas Padjajaran.

In that competition, the team that consisted of Johan Kurnia (FH UPH 2006), Dirga Putra K. (FH UPH 2008), Ruth Stephani Panjaitan (FH UPH 2007), and Mohammad Irham (FH UPH 2008), successfully brought home the General Champion and Best Memorial trophies.

This triumph has brought the Faculty of Law UPH team to the international competition in Washington DC, USA. This opportunity would be the second time for UPH team joining the international competition. In 2009, UPH ranked 13th at international level after the four preliminary rounds, so UPH proceeded to the Advanced Rounds (Top 24 teams). UPH was the first private university ever to be recognized in the international moot court competition.

During preparation for the international competition in March 2010, Johan Kurnia as the team leader said that, he and his members will study the international cases from American legal practitioners. “We will make contacts, perhaps to lawyers – legal  practitioners – to help us simulate the courts, so we have more approach to people from overseas. We have to get as much experiences as possible to be tested by foreign legal practitioners, because at the moment we focus on the oral presentation” Johan explained.

Johan admitted that UPH team’s victory, was helped greatly by its supervisor, Jessica Los Banos, who is also a lecturer in Faculty of Law UPH. Furthermore, the supports from senior students who have succeeded at the same competition also contributed a lot to the team’s success.

UPH Rector – Jonathan L. Parapak, responding to FH UPH victory, “I feel so proud because UPH succeeded in becoming the national winner. It’s a sign of God’s love and a result of excellent preparations. I always say that I had an opportunity to lead the world’s organization once, and I’m sure you all can do it as well.” (yun)

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